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Protex Technology

  • Original PROTEX®
  • Quality & durability
  • 7 types
  • 15 sizes
  • 20 colours
  • Extended warranties
  • Highly transportable
  • Printing available
  • Erected in minutes

SUN LEISURE are the original designers and manufacturers of the PROTEX® range of instant shelters, easy up marquees and pop-up gazebos, supplying the exhibition, event, motorsport and leisure industry for over 20 years, throughout the UK and Europe. With many sizes and colours to choose from, our pop up shelters offer fantastic value for money and are the perfect solution for any event, exhibition, show or recreational use from garden to full-time professional.

Instant Shelters and Pop Up Gazebos

Our pop up gazebos and instant shelters are the ideal solution for any event. Our range includes including the LITE and PRO 30 models, perfect for garden and leisure activities, the PROTEX®40 designed for commercial use at events and exhibitions, and our top of the range, market leading PROTEX®50 shelters designed for full time professional use when total reliability is a must. We have built our reputation on the high quality and durability of our shelters, after sales service and market leading warranties, and with 15 sizes and 20 different colours to choose from, we are sure that we have a quality shelter to suit your requirements, at unbeatable prices.

PROTEX®50 Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos

Protex 50 Gazebo Parts
  • Original PROTEX® frame design
  • Internal tube ribs for extra strength
  • High quality printing available
  • Lifetime brackets warranty
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Fully flame retardant fabrics
  • 10 sizes & 16 colours
  • Free H/D cover storage bag and H/D anchor kit
Protex 50 Pop Up Gazebo

PROTEX®50 is the original, best selling industrial shelter on the market. With its all-alloy construction, it is our top of the range model, having sold tens of thousands. Perfect for exhibitions, motorsport events, product launches, market stalls and operators, it is the best instant shelter you can buy.

PROTEX®40 Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos

Protex 40 Pop Up Gazebo
  • Original PROTEX® frame design
  • Internal tube ribs for extra strength
  • Light & transportable
  • Lifetime brackets warranty
  • Incredible strength
  • 7 sizes & 11 colours
  • High quality printing available
  • Fully flame retardant fabrics
Protex 40 Gazebo Parts

PROTEX®40 is a fantastic commercial instant shelter ideal for any event. This lightweight, yet extremely robust shelter, made with hexagonal PROTEX® extruded alloy framework, carbon-fibre reinforced nylon joints and 2 year warranty, has the best strength to weight ratio of any shelter on the market.

PRO 30 Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos

Protex 30 Gazebo Parts
  • Incredible value
  • 6 sizes & 10 colours
  • Carbon-fibre reinforced joints
  • Versatile & transportable
  • Lifetime brackets warranty
  • Free H/D cover bag
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • All fabrics printable
Protex 30 Pop Up Gazebo

PRO 30 instant shelters represent fantastic value for money. Designed using 39mm, white powder-coated box-section steel with carbon-fibre reinforced nylon joints, they offer durability and strength at an unprecedented price. They are available in 6 sizes and 10 colours covering all your events.

LITE Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos

LITE Instant Shelter
  • Unique low apex design
  • Compact & versatlie
  • Carbon fibre reinforced joints
  • Unique aluminium UV protection
  • 2 sizes & 8 colours
  • 2 types of frames
  • Quick & easy to erect
  • Highly transportable
LITE Instant Shelter Parts

LITE instant shelters are perfect for garden and leisure activities, designed using our unique clear-span storm bars, allowing a low apex where overall height is an issue. Frames are available in light aluminium or strong steel and both come complete with our aluminium coated, UV protective canopy.

Find out more about our LITE range of lightweight pop up gazebos and instant shelters

COMPACT Instant Shelters - PROTEX®40 and PRO 30

Protex Pop Up Work Tent
  • Revolutionary design
  • 5 sizes & 11 colours
  • 2 frame types
  • Folds down to 102cm
  • Fits small car boots
  • Free H/D wheeled bag
  • All fabrics printable
  • Lifetime brackets warranty
Assembled Pop Up Work Tent

COMPACT instant shelters are the ideal solution where space is at a premium, packing down to just 102cm in height and will fit in the boot of just about any small car or hatchback. Supplied free of charge with a tough wheeled storebag, they are easy to transport, highly versatile and very professional.

Find out more about our COMPACT gazebos and instant shelters

High Apex Pop Up Gazebo


  • PROTEX®50
  • PROTEX®40
  • PRO 30


Gazebo with Clearspan Storm Bars

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