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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our range of products.  . If you don’t find the answer to your question(s) please contact us via email at  sales@sun-leisure.com or call us on +44 (0) 1928 727 449 and we will do our best to help. 

1. Are PROTEX® instant shelters easy to erect?
Absolutely. All of our instant shelters have been designed to be erected in a few minutes. This is due to fully assembled frames made of concertina sections and telescopic legs, hence their commonly known name "pop-up shelter" or just "pop-ups".  For more information please see our photo instruction leaflet explaining the process of erecting your instant shelter in more detail.

2. Can the canopy stay attached to the frame of the instant shelter?
Yes it can, however it depends on how the shelter will be transported. Leaving the canopy attached will save a few minutes each time you use it but we do not recommend leaving the canopy attached if the shelter is to be transported lying flat in a vehicle, the reason being the vibrations and shaking during transport will cause the frame parts and joints to rub against the fabric and rubber coating thus inflicting damage to the canvas.

3. What comes with the starter pack?
This depends on each particular product. Generally for instant shelters, the starter pack will include the framework and canopy, plus a storage bag or wheeled bag and a set of pegs and guy ropes. Side curtains are an option as not everybody necessarily needs them although we do supply 95% of instant shelter with the sidewalls.

4. Is it possible to add/extend PROTEX® instant shelters at a later date?
Yes it is. All our instant shelters come in several sizes and the size of each one cannot be altered when erected. However, thanks to our unique guttering system you can join more instant shelters or marquees together. For example should a 3m x 3m prove too small in the future, you can purchase another unit of any size and join them together using our unique frame to frame brackets which literally fix the legs of each unit together. The extension kit also consists or a fabric infill panel which joins with the sidewalls thus creating a seamless join between 2 or more units.

5. Can I get spare parts?
Yes. We supply spare parts for all our instant shelters, marquees, party tents and event furniture, so literally any part of the frame can be replaced. Spare canopies, sidewalls, pegs, tie down kits etc are all available. Some of these items can be ordered directly from our website. For frame joints and parts, we recommend emailing us a picture as we will know exactly which part(s) are required which will avoid any confusion and save time

6. What type of instant shelter/marquee is best for me?
This depends on many different aspects. Is it going to be used for a garden or professionally at exhibitions, motorsport events etc.? If it is the latter, is it going to be outdoors or indoors? Is the head clearance important? Is the weight and size when folded important? Is it going to stay up for a longer period of time? Is it going to be used on a regular basis or only occasionally? All these questions are necessary to find the best solution. You will find most of the answers in the description of each product in detail on our website or simply call us on 01928 727447 and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

7. How long does delivery take?
If ordered by 12:00 noon, all of our products will be delivered next day subject to stock. If any products are not available we will advise you immediately advising when it will be available, giving you the option to either wait or change to a different product.

8. Are the instant shelters/marquees waterproof?
Yes. All our products are manufactured to a very high level and all are designed to be fully waterproof 

9. Are the instant shelters/marquees fire retardant?
Most of our comprehensive portfolio of instant shelters and marquees are flame retardant. This applies in particular to the PROTEX®40 Instant Shelters, PROTEX®50  Instant Shelter and Commercial Event Tents, all of which are Flame Retardant to BS 7837 : 1996.

10. Can all our products be printed?
Yes. We are specialists in this field and can literally print anything on our shelters, marquees, flags banners and inflatables using the latest state of the art digital printing techniques, or our more cost-effective screen printing service, giving stunning visual impact!. So from a full-flood, fully branded shelter including canopy and sidewalls to a simple text based logo on the leading edge of a canopy, we offer a free design and mock-up service with full approval of artwork and can turn your order around usually within 7-10 days and very often within a day or two. The artwork we produce will remain your own property for any future printing requirements you may have. Over the years, we have supplied literally thousands of branded instant shelters, marquees, flags and inflatable products to very satisfied customers, examples of which are available to view in on our Gallery page.

11. Can I get a new copy of the instruction manual?
Set up instructions for our whole range of instant shelters are available from this website to download.  For set up instructions for our marquees and other products please call the office on +44 (0) 1928 727 449.

12. Are our instant shelters, marquees and other products covered by a warranty?
Yes. All our products come with a 12 months warranty subject to our terms and conditions. We also offer longer warranty periods on some of our instant shelters upto 3 years. Instant shelters also benefit from a Lifetime Warranty on ALL brackets, which is unique within the industry. We have invested heavily in our spare parts department and carry literally every part that makes up a particular product meaning you are covered for years to come.

13. Is it better to purchase 2 smaller units or one large one?
Choosing a solution with several smaller structures joined together with our special gutter kit certainly has several advantages. Most importantly it provides you with the flexibility to alter the size of the covered area. As an example, two of our 3mx3m shelters will cover two separate areas of the same size or can be fixed together creating one 6mx3m area. Also, handling and manipulating two smaller structures is less demanding in terms of physical strength than handling one large one.

14. Do your instant shelters and other structures need to be anchored?
Yes. All structures must be properly anchored, essential to avoid wind and storm damage. It is absolutely necessary to prevent the structure from becoming untethered  as this might cause not only irreversible damage to the shelter itself but could also lead to damaging other property. All our shelters and marquees are therefore supplied with a tie-down kit.