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*How To Choose A Shelter?*

When choosing an instant shelter or pop up gazebo, it is important to consider what you intend to use it for and in what type of weather conditions. Here at Sun Leisure, we sell a wide range of instant shelters, suitable for just about any recreational, professional or commercial event and at prices to fit all budgets.

Read on to find which shelter is right for you and your event…


  • PROTEX®50
  • PROTEX®40
  • PRO 30



Instant shelters for leisure / recreational use

If you’re mostly using the shelter for recreational use, such as car boots, auto-jumbling or for permanent leisure use, then something relatively lightweight should suffice. You should opt for a lightweight shelter that is easy to construct and manoeuvre. We would recommend:

PRO 30 range shelters are height adjustable, have carbon fibre nylon joints and fully waterproof canvas with inner PVC coating, and are fully brandable. Our LITE range of instant shelters are also perfect for leisure and recreational use. They are available with the choice of either steel or alloy frames, and feature stormbars for extra strength.

Instant shelter for commercial / professional use

For commercial or professional use, it’s worth choosing something a little more sturdy and heavy duty. The below ranges are suitable for a wide range of professional events and commercial uses, such market stalls, automotive events, music festivals, and much more. We’d recommend:

However, if weight saving is a consideration for you, then the PROTEX®40 range is ideal. For full-time exhibitors at trade events, our top of the range PROTEX®50 offers incredible strength, reliability, durability and portability. Both ranges are height adjustable, have a fully waterproof canvas, an inner PVC coating, flame retardant fabric, and RIBS® - Robust Internal Brace System.

Expected weather conditions

The weather can play an important role in deciding which instant shelter to choose, although we appreciate that the UK’s unpredictable climate can make that tricky. It may be better to shop by season, so if you’re exhibiting in the winter, something stronger and more durable, such as our PROTEX®40 or PROTEX®50 ranges may be required to guard against the wind and rain.

However, in the summer months, you be able to use more lightweight shelters, such as the or PRO 30 range, although you may still want the stronger shelters for commercial or professional events.

Budget / price

We have a great selection of instant shelters to cater for a range of budgets. Our LITE and PRO 30 are at the cheaper end of the scale, but we’d always recommend you buy the shelter that best fits your requirements, not just the one that will save you the most money.

Printing / branding

We know that one of the most appealing features of our instant shelters is the ability to use your company’s branding and logos, particularly for commercial and professional events. All of our shelters can accommodate your branding, with single colour text or screen-printing to all-surface full-flood digital print available for 100% photographic quality. Learn more about our printing and branding services.