10 Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Shows & Events in Winter

Its freezing, you have an outdoor event and everything is muddy! See below for some tips on how to keep your Gazebo in great condition.


As the winter chill sets in, outdoor events present unique challenges that require meticulous preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-time participant, Sun Leisure brings you a comprehensive guide to navigating outdoor shows during the colder months. Knowing how to maintain your gazebo and equipment at events will help the longevity of your kit. 


  1. Select the Right Gazebo:

Choosing a gazebo designed for winter conditions is paramount. Sun Leisure’s Protex range, known for its robust construction, ensures stability even in adverse weather. Opt for models like the PROTEX® 40 or PROTEX® 50, equipped to withstand winter elements.


  1. Weather-Resistant Materials:

Ensure that your gazebo is constructed from weather-resistant materials. All of Sun Leisure’s Pro and Protex gazebos are crafted with premium materials that provide durability and protection against rain, wind, and snow, making them ideal for winter exhibitions.


  1. Heating Solutions:

Combat the cold by integrating heating solutions into your gazebo, such as the Sun Leisure Secure Frame-Mounted Infrared Gazebo Heater. This addition ensures a comfortable environment for both exhibitors and visitors. The heater is securely mounted to the centre pole, maintaining a cozy atmosphere without compromising space. Sun Leisure Gazebos’ canopies are also flame retardant, providing an extra layer of peace of mind. 

  1. Lighting for Ambiance:

As daylight dwindles in winter, effective lighting becomes crucial. Illuminate your display with LED lights or fairy lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Sun Leisure’s 3-Way LED Gazebo Light is an excellent option, as well-lit displays not only enhance visibility but also contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Wind-Resistant Features:

During winter, gusty winds are common. Opt for a gazebo with wind-resistant features, such as sturdy frames and secure anchoring systems. Sun Leisure’s Protex gazebos are specifically engineered to withstand challenging wind conditions, ensuring the safety and stability of your setup. For additional support, Sun Leisure also offer a range gazebo weights and tie downs to designed to fit many needs, ensuring the base of the gazebo stays firmly in place.


  1. Flooring Solutions:

Address muddy or wet surfaces by incorporating flooring solutions. Lay down interlocking floor tiles or sturdy outdoor rugs to create a clean and slip-resistant surface. Sun leisure offer a great environmentally friendly solution to this in the form of their PROTEX® recycled plastic floor tiles. They not only enhance the aesthetics but also provides insulation against the cold ground. 


  1. Dress in Layers:

For exhibitors and staff, dressing in layers is key. The flexibility to add or remove clothing ensures comfort throughout the day, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Don’t forget to invest in waterproof and insulated footwear.


  1. Promotional Items:

Elevate your winter show presence with branded promotional items that go beyond the ordinary. Sun Leisure takes customization to the next level by offering personalized branded gazebo canopies. Enhance your brand visibility with optional extras like custom-branded banners and flags. These additions not only set your stand apart, but also contribute to making your brand more memorable, attracting a larger audience and potential customers to your display.


  1. Plan for Early Sunsets:

Be mindful of shorter daylight hours in winter. Plan your schedule to optimize the use of available daylight by adjusting opening and closing times. Additionally, consider enhancing visibility after sunset with eye-catching lighting. Sun Leisure provides an excellent 3-way light that can be attached to the centre pole of the gazebo. Paired with the infrared heating attachment, this combo ensures your outdoor setup remains one of the best creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors even when its dark.


  1. Pre-Show Check:

Before each event, it is imperative to conduct a comprehensive pre-show check to ensure the seamless execution of your winter exhibition. Take the time to meticulously account for everything you plan to bring to the show, from your gazebo and promotional items to essential tools and equipment. Additionally, establish contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, such as sudden weather changes or unexpected challenges. Being thoroughly prepared not only minimizes potential hiccups but is also a key factor in guaranteeing a successful and stress-free show during winter.



Achieving excellence in winter outdoor shows demands meticulous planning and the use of appropriate equipment. With Sun Leisure’s Protex gazebos, you not only secure a reliable solution but also have the option to add your unique custom branding. This enables you to craft an inviting and resilient space for your brand, irrespective of the weather conditions. By incorporating these invaluable tips and tricks, elevate your winter exhibitions to success, ensuring a memorable and lasting impression on all your visitors.


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