Inflatable Structures

Often time is of the essence, and you don’t want to spend ages putting up your event equipment – you just want to put it up in a few minutes and then get on with your job. That’s where our inflatable event equipment can really help.

As one of the UK and Europe’s leading customised advertising inflatable suppliers, Our AXION inflatable range features a huge selection of inflatable marketing tools. From gazebos to arches and furniture, they are the perfect option for company promotion at events. If you are looking for maximum brand exposure and somewhere for potential customers to congregate safely, we have all the products you need. 

We have a range of inflatable advertising structures, including tables, seating, desks, blacks, arches, podiums, and even large scale cans and bottles. They’re strong and easy to inflate, using an air-sealed system, which means they don’t need a constant supply of air pumping into them.

Like the rest of our equipment mentioned above, our inflatable products are fully brandable so you can showcase your company’s colours, logos and slogans to better attract potential customers.