AXION EASY Inflatable tent

AXION EASY Inflatable tent

The ultimate option for a business on a budget, the AXION Easy Inflatable Tent is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability. With options available for full sublimation printing, the AXION Easy is a simple yet extremely effective way for your brand to maximise its visibility at any event.

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With a more simplified structure than other tents, the AXION EASY Tent is a much more budget-friendly alternative that still works hard day-in, day-out. Easy to inflate and durable enough to last through as many events as needed, the AXION EASY was made in the EU to meet the highest possible quality standards.

The AXION EASY is built up of four inflatable pillars and a roof, which all come together to create an opportunity for four pieces of your business’ artwork to be included. Thanks to our in house sublimation printing services, your branding can be included exactly to your liking and without color limits. As with other tents in the range, the AXION EASY Inflatable Tent is compatible with our zip-off branded roofs, meaning that the structure can be changed as and when needed to reflect your brand’s specific focus at any exhibit.

AXION Inflatable Tents EASY - content pics

The AXION EASY is known for its reliable inflation, requiring only 1-2 people to erect the structure at any given time.

  • Zip off roof
  • Reversible walls
  • Central connector
  • Printable roof border

Made using high quality, extremely high quality durable polyester fabric, the AXION EASY inflatable tent is easily transported from event to event.

easy33 easy44 easy55 easy66
width “X” (cm)  330 400 500 600
length “Y” (cm)  330 400 500 600
height “Z” (cm)  285 290 350 420
Covered area (m2)  11 16 25 36
weight (kg)  20 25 30 42
App. time 0:10 0:10 0:15 0:20
Person 1 1 1 1-2
Dye sublimation print  roof/walls/structure
material  polyester/TPU 
flame retardancy  B1 (DIN 4102-1)

AXION Inflatable Tents EASY - sizes