Continuous-air inflatable arch

Continuous-air inflatable arch

Have all eyes on your business with the AXION air sealed inflatable arch – a highly stable yet lightweight alternative to traditional, clunkier arches. With Sun Leisure’s in-house design and printing services, your air sealed inflatable arch can be adapted to suit any exhibition.

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Making a fantastic first impression of your business at any event is important, which is why the Continuous Air Inflatable Arch will catch the attention of your customers and advertise your brand like never before. 

Especially ideal if you need a large-sized arch – over 8-10 metres wide – the Continuous Air Arch makes the perfect entrance banner or start/finish to a race. Fully customisable and made to order, we can create any design your business requires.

Sun Leisure Inflatable Arches - Available shapes

    • Material: high-quality NYLON with a fibre density of 420D.
    • Requires electricity to power the external compressor (230V).
    • Size and shape per customer request.Each Continuous Air Arch from Sun Leisure comes with an external electric compressor (or ‘blower’) that will provide the structure with a consistent stream of air. This can be plugged into a socket or alternatively, you can use a portable gasoline generator to supply the required electricity. Once your Continuous Air Arch has reached the optimum level, the nylon will slowly release excess air to maintain the pressure. 
      • Easily transported, stored, and anchored with a storage bag and anchoring set (both included).
      • Possibility to order extra banners (Velcro attached) based on your needs.
      • Easy to wash surface.