Sun Leisure EMX Inflatable tent

Sun Leisure EMX Inflatable tent

If your business is looking for a high-quality, compact alternative to a conventional pop-up tent, the EMX Inflatable tent is the one for you. Designed to be completely airtight thanks to its pneumatic construction, once inflated your EMX tent will last as long as you need it to! 

Compact and easily transportable, the EMX Inflatable tent is the perfect choice for any event – especially when you take advantage of our in-house design services to fully brand your tent.

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Easy to erect, take down and transport, the EMX Inflatable tent is popular due to its airtight structure which reduces the need to be constantly re-inflated.

Whatever the weather, you’ll be protected inside your EMX Inflatable tent thanks to our 100% waterproof covers that also offer reduced flammability. The EMX tent can also be printed using our full color dye sublimation service on demand to suit your business’ branding needs.

There are eight colour combinations available when applying custom branding to the polyester cover of your EMX Inflatable tent:

  • Black
  • Blue (PANTONE 300C)
  • Green (PANTONE 376C)
  • Gray (PANTONE Cool Gray 6U)
  • Orange (PANTONE 811C)
  • Red (PANTONE 185C)
  • White
  • Yellow (PANTONE 109C)

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Sun Leisure also offers a quick turnaround so you can have your exhibition running within 2-3 weeks from your initial order.

The EMX tents are made up of two parts: an inner airtight pocket made of soft polyurethane and an outer casing made of polyester with a fiber density of 500D Denier to hide and protect the air polyurethane pocket. 

As the tent contains pressure relief valves, the risk of overfilling and overall damage to the tent is reduced significantly. As soon as the internal pressure reaches the ideal level, the pressure relief valves begin to release excess air.

In order to be ready for immediate use, each EMX inflatable tent kit comes complete with a 220V electric pump, storage bag and anchoring kit.


3mx3m 4mx4m 5mx5m 6mx6m 7mx7m
Tent height (cm) 235 275 345 417 490
Entry height (cm) 195 225 275 330 380
Weight (kg) 9.5 14 22 32 45
Tent size packed in transport bag (cm) 80x50x50 90x60x60 90x55x55 80x50x50 80x50x50
Diameter of leg/construction (cm) 20 26 33 40 47
Material of construction THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with external POLYESTER coating
Sheath material POLYESTER with 500D Denier fiber density