Sun Leisure HEXAGON Inflatable tent

Sun Leisure HEXAGON Inflatable tent

Whatever the occasion, your display isn’t complete without a TRIPOD inflatable tent. Simple yet completely effective, the TRIPOD tent has a fully pneumatic structure that allows the tent to stand for as long as you need it to. 

Designed to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, ease of layout and storage, the TRIPOD tent is available in 4 different sizes and can be fully customised to suit your brand’s design preferences.

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The Sun Leisure TRIPOD tent is a three-sided unique display tent with a circular floor plan that easily attracts attention at any event. 

As an alternative to traditional, more complex pop-up tents – the Inflatable TRIPOD tent is easy to inflate and remains upright and airtight for long periods of time due to its pneumatic design. The inner frame of the TRIPOD tent also includes built-in pressure relief valves for spontaneous release of excess unnecessary air.

The TRIPOD tent is also weather resistant – the covers are 100% waterproof with reduced flammability.

With Sun Leisure’s in-house design and sublimation printing services, we can also ensure the tent’s polyester roof includes full branding for your business in order to make the most of any promotional potential.

The roof of your TRIPOD tent also comes in a range of basic colour combinations, including:

  • Black
  • Blue (PANTONE 300C)
  • Green (PANTONE 376C)
  • Gray (PANTONE Cool Gray 6U)
  • Orange (PANTONE 811C)
  • Red (PANTONE 185C)
  • White
  • Yellow (PANTONE 109C)

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 Your fully branded structure can be with you in 2-3 weeks from the initial order.

The TRIPOD inflatable tent is built up of two parts – an inner airtight pocket made using soft polyurethane and a polyester outer layer with a fiber density of 500D Denier, which hides and protects the inner pocket. 

The pneumatic design of the TRIPOD tent allows the structure to remain stationary without the need for constant air replenishment once filled. 

The TRIPOD Inflatable tent also contains built-in pressure relief valves, which prevent overfilling and long-term damage to the tent. Once the internal pressure reaches the target level, the pressure relief valves begin to release excess air.

Each TRIPOD tent also comes with an electric compressor, storage bag and anchor kit, so they can be inflated immediately. 

3mx3mx3m 4mx4mx4m 5mx5mx5m 6mx6mx6m
Floor plan diameter (m) 4.3 5.4 6.6 7.8
Tent height (cm) 275 285 310 370
Entrance height (cm) 220 225 240 285
Weight (kg) 13.2 16.2 28 38
Tent size packed in transport bag (cm) 60x45x45 65x50x50 70x65x65 80x70x70
Diameter of leg/construction (cm) 20 20 25 33
Material of construction THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with outer POLYESTER layer of fabric
Sheath material POLYESTER with 500D Denier fiber density