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Printing for Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos | Sun Leisure

Printing & Branding - Instant Shelters & Pop Up Gazebos

Our full range of instant shelters and pop-up gazebos can be made unique to your business with bespoke branding including text, logos, or even your own imagery. To achieve this, we offer two different printing techniques that you will be able to choose from:

Vinyl Heat Pressing

Vinyl Heat Pressing is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of adding branding to your instant shelter or pop-up gazebo. It involves branding our stock colour shelters with simple overhang text prints, logo roof prints or sidewall prints:


Digital Printing

With our digital printing service, there is no need to place a limit on the creativity of the designs that you'd like to see. Because we digitally print your custom design onto the fabric before it is sewn together, anything is possible - an unlimited amount of colours, text, logos or images all at a photographic quality.


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