Catering Gazebos

Welcome to Sun Leisure, where we understand the importance of making a lasting impression at events. Picture this: you’re serving up delectable dishes, but with fierce competition around, how do you ensure your stall stands out? Enter our custom branded catering gazebos. 

These aren’t just any structures; they’re your secret weapon to command attention and leave a lasting impact. With Sun Leisure, not only do you get a reliable and versatile setup, but you also ensure that all eyes are on your brand, outshining any competing stalls. Ready to elevate your catering game? Explore our range of catering gazebos today.


Custom Printed Catering Gazebos

When you are catering to the masses at an event, there is an endless list of advantages of having a bespoke stall that represents your brand. This ensures new customers can easily identify who you are and what you offer, whilst those who do remember your scrumptious food can come back for more.

At Sun Leisure, our in-house design experts can print your branding onto these elements of your gazebo:

  • The roof
  • The overhang
  • The side walls
  • The interiors

We know that getting your catering brand style spot on is extremely important, so our team will work alongside you to ensure that your catering gazebo is exactly what you’ve been looking for. To make the very most of the promotional potential, you can take advantage of our free in-house design service to receive a bespoke shelter that matches your requirements perfectly.

Images of catering gazebos.

Four Steps To Personalising Your Catering Gazebo

When you invest in one of Sun Leisure’s collection of gazebos for catering, you’ll just need to follow these four simple steps:

Contact us

First, you’ll need to contact the team at Sun Leisure to let us know what you’re looking for in your food stall gazebo.

Send in your branding

We’ll then need to see the branding you want displayed on the catering gazebo. If you don’t have any, our professional designers can help.

Sign-off the design

The Sun Leisure team will provide you with a mock-up of what your gazebo will look like for you to approve or amend.

Receive your gazebo

We’ll then send your custom catering gazebo to your door, ready-to-use!

Why choose a Catering Gazebo?

An eye-catching Sun Leisure catering gazebo will keep your food warm and dry all day long, no matter the weather, whilst still letting your potential customers get a good look (and whiff!) at the delicious food you’re serving up.

These gazebos for catering are as durable as they are crowd-pleasing – in case of adverse circumstances, you can rest assured that your shelter is fully waterproof, fully flame-retardant and comes with a lifetime brackets warranty.

If you’re taking your brand on the road to plate up tasty meals to customers everywhere, your gazebo is also extremely easy and quick to put up and take down – reducing a lot of the stress of traveling!

By using our free in-house branding services, you’ll also be able to promote your business at every event. With printing available all over your catering gazebo, your exciting designs will be pulling in a crowd in no time.

Sun Leisure Custom Catering Gazebos Offer:

1. Versatility

Perfect for a wide range of events, from food stalls to unique outdoor events.

2. High Quality

Read what our satisfied customers are saying about their experiences with our Gazebos.

3. Customisation Options

Tailor your stall with colour choices, branding possibilities, and additional accessories.


Images of catering gazebos.

Vinyl Heat Pressing

As a straightforward process, Vinyl Heat Pressing is a budget-friendly method that brands your street food gazebo with your catering business’ unique identifiers including logos, text prints and images. This technique is available on Sun Leisure’s entire stock range, including all types of instant shelters.

Digital Printing

If you’re looking to promote your catering business as fully as possible, you should consider the Digital Printing technique. In this method, the Sun Leisure team will digitally print your custom design onto the fabric of your street food gazebo before sewing it together. This allows for premium quality image, text and colour options.

Find your perfect Catering Gazebo with Sun Leisure

At Sun Leisure, we’ll provide you with a catering gazebo that offers exciting advertising opportunities to place your brand firmly into your customer’s minds. Choosing one of our structures to promote at an event is one of the best decisions you can make for your catering brand. You can also browse across our site to find custom printed flags, bespoke branded banners and more! 

If you’re interested in getting started, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible on how you picture your food stall gazebo. Attach any relevant logos, ideally vector-file types – these usually in the following formats: .ai, .cdr, .eps, .pdf

If you need any help at all, contact us and a member of our lovely team will be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions?

  • Are our catering gazebos strong?

    Are our catering gazebos strong?

    Yes, our gazebos are strong and versatile to support you and your food stall throughout a variety of weather conditions. This being said, we don’t recommend using these gazebos in strong winds to ensure that your pop up tent is protected. 

  • When is the best time of year to use a gazebo?

    When is the best time of year to use a gazebo?

    The best time to use a gazebo depends on your location and intended use. Generally, spring and summer are popular seasons for outdoor events like festivals, markets, and gatherings, making these times ideal for gazebo use. However, gazebos can also be useful in autumn for outdoor events like fairs or sporting events. Ultimately, choose the time of year that aligns with your event schedule and weather preferences.

  • What is the life expectancy of a gazebo?

    What is the life expectancy of a gazebo?

    The life expectancy of a gazebo varies depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of construction. With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality gazebo can last for many years, potentially even a decade or more. Regular inspection, cleaning, and storage during adverse weather conditions can help extend the lifespan of your gazebo.