Star Tents

Star Tents

Star tents are a simple and effective way of making a lasting impression at outdoor events. Our spider tents cover your event area, protecting your display from the elements with a premium look and feel. Available as one pole or two-pole constructions, our star tents make it easy to cover almost any area, big or small.

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Star Marquees

Our bespoke star marquees make the perfect event shelter to promote your business. Available fully customised with our bespoke in-house printing and branding service, you can get a completely unique star tent to portray your branding, messaging and imagery to customers. From a simple company logo to a full coloured picture, our custom star tents are a brilliant marketing & advertising product for any industry, trade or sporting event that you attend. With optional full-flood digital printing, they ensure a stunning visual event solution for festivals, exhibitions, roadshows and new product launches. They can even be used for private wedding parties!

Available with either a single or double peak, our star tents are available in a wide selection of sizes, ensuring you have the perfect shelter to promote your business. Crafted from tough and durable fabric, the tensioned design has been rigorously tested in all kinds of adverse weather conditions. Perfect for soft ground such as grass or sand, the star tents can also be used on concrete and pavements with the use of weights.

Designed & manufactured to the highest standards

All star marquees available from Sun Leisure fit the following criteria: 

  • Single or double pole structure
  • Eye-catching star tent designs
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Digital printing available
  • Durable 500D polyester
  • Fully flame retardant
  • Several colours available
  • Ideal for product launches, trade shows, festivals and various other events
  • Free graphic design service for custom branding

Single pole star tents

This is a round star tent with a single central pole. It can be used for a variety of events, such as small beach events, as well as big parties or concerts.

The single peak design offers an eye-catching compact shelter that pairs perfectly with wrap-around branding to offer a 360-degree display of your chosen logo, messaging and imagery. 

The perfect canopy to offer a sheltered display stand, seating area, mobile kitchen or stage, our single peak star marquees are ideal for maximising your brand’s exposure.

AXION Star Tent - single pole model

Double pole star tents

Boasting a longer, more rectangular shape than the single-pole star shelters, the double-pole design features a large opening along the side, making it ideal for use as a stage or hosting big events.

With a double-peaked design, the double-pole spider tents provide a large sheltered area to keep your display protected from the weather, no matter the conditions.

AXION Star Tent - double pole model

We offer a choice of different sized single and double pole gazebos, the dimensions of which can be found in the below table:

AXION Star Tent - shapes and sizes