Amate Animalia

Pop-Up Shelter Supply and Bespoke Branding

Thank you SO much for donating the pop-up shelter to Amate Animalia! We have already used it and it is just AMAZING! I have had three people ask about where it came from already... I cannot thank you enough, it will really help us raise more money for the animals and I am so thankful!
Emilie Amate Animalia

I just wanted to email both to thank you SO SO SO much for the artwork & the shelter, I have attached a photo of it as I put it up today! (Or rather attempted to put it up! – I apologise Rob, I think I have forgotten how to do it correctly!). It had arrived on Monday like you said, but a family member of mine didn’t let me know and didn’t think it was the canopy as it came in such a small box!! It was packed SO well, and folded so small – I don’t think I could ever re-pack it like that! I am so delighted with it I just cannot express myself in words!

All I can say is please visit my facebook page (and ‘like’ it you enjoy it!) so that you can see some of the animals that you have indirectly helped, because with the help of you both, I can raise more funds for their care & rehabilitation!!! Thank you both so much!

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