Catrina Bateman

Pack+Go trolley

I just wanted to say what a great experience we had dealing with the lovely people at Sun Leisure. We're quick to complain so I thought it only right to send good comments! I am so impressed with this fab service.
Catrina Bateman Customer

At Xmas I bought their very useful trolley, I lost one of the black plastic sticks that holds it together and they immediately sent me a replacement FREE OF CHARGE + then bizarrely the next day the bottom of the trolley split making it pretty useless. I phoned up, spoke to Nika and I just had to send a photo to show what was wrong and now she is sending me a new trolley FREE OF CHARGE! I am so impressed with this fab service.

Our Process

Unfortunately on rare occasions, things happen that are both out of our and our customers control. But we take pride in our ability to quickly respond and rectify any issues you may have with as little hassle as possible.

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