Barry Wootten

Gazebo supply and replacement parts

Thanks to Sun Leisure!
Barry Customer

To all at Sun Leisure


Thanks firstly for selling us a first class gazebo at the New Forest Show a few years back. It’s seen great service and when we’re at events it’s the envy of many. Easy to store and transport, sturdy and quick to put up and take down. Luckily we’ve got a nice place to dry it out after use and keep it in good condition


Secondly, thanks for making spares reasonably priced and for the quality of service and despatch. Replaced some poles today and it was a breeze.


Thirdly, thanks for making a product that is so easy to service and replace damaged poles (only happened when we lent it to somebody else)


So, great product, great design and great service


Thanks to you all and wishing you continued deserved success


Best regards



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