PROTEX®50 Gazebo 2.5mx2.5m

PROTEX®50 Gazebo 2.5mx2.5m

With its unrivalled strength, durability, and ease of use, the PROTEX®50 instant shelter is our top-of-the-line and market-leading industrial shelter. Sun Leisure designed and manufactured it without compromise, and it is our best selling professional gazebo on the market today, boasting an all alloy/metal construction using a 58mm hexagon profile. This is the ideal solution for any type of event, and our PROTEX®50 aluminium gazebos now have internal tube ribbing for added strength!

Look no further if you need a gazebo that is exceptionally strong. The PROTEX®50 aluminium gazebo’s remarkable strength is due to the 58mm hexagon profile aluminium framework, internal ribbing in the concertina bars, and the use of alloy brackets, all of which are backed up by our market-leading warranties. Each shelter comes with a heavy-duty cover store bag, strong pegs, and nylon guy ropes, as well as a choice of coloured canopies and sidewalls. All of our PROTEX®50 instant shelters can be professionally branded with photographic quality images using heat-press vinyl or full flood digital printing. Our designers can collaborate with you to achieve your objectives.

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  • A great balance between price, weight, and quality
  • A fully professional tent with numerous applications
  • Construction in solid aluminium
  • Aluminium alloy joints and connections
  • Sheathing made of high-quality POLYESTER with an inner PVC coating
  • 100% waterproof
  • Reduced flammability sheathing
  • Custom printing and branding is possible



The scissor tents of the PROTEX®50 specification are made of aluminium. Individual parts of the structure (standing legs, scissor profiles, and central vertical struts) are merged together by aluminium alloy joints. These cast alloy joints/brackets are covered by a lifetime warranty, which we believe is truly unique in the industry.. In the event of an unexpected accident, all parts of the structure are easily replaceable.



Our PROTEX®50 instant shelters come with a 12-month warranty. In addition to your 12-month warranty, you’ll get a 36-month frame warranty and a lifetime warranty on all cast alloy joints and brackets. This, we believe, is unique in the industry and demonstrates our complete faith in the products we manufacture.

This product includes a free accessory package that includes heavy duty cover storage bags, strong pegs, and nylon guy ropes.



  • 12-month warranty
  • 36-month frame warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on cast alloy joints & brackets
  • Unrivalled service and advice
  • Availability of all spare parts


  • 2.5m x 2.5m solid aluminium frame construction (PROTEX®50 GAZEBO variant)
  • 2.5m x 2.5m PROTEX®50 roof (material: POLYESTER with inner PVC coating)
  • Optional according to variants “with/without” – Full PROTEX®50 GAZEBO set of 4 separate side panels (POLYESTER with inner PVC coating) – combination of 2 windows with internal blinds and 2 rolling extra wide doors that can be fastened with high-quality zippers
  • Transport / storage bag (bag) on ​​the sides
  • Protective frame bag (the bag is large enough to hold the frame with the roof attached when folded)



The PROTEX®50 2.5Mx2.5M Gazebo has a 58mm diameter hexagonal profile framework, made from high-quality aluminium, weighing a total of 38kg. The internal x-bars ribbing are concertinaed and the footplates are made from galvanised steel, providing excellent stability to the structure. The gazebo is fully anchored through these feet. The frame has 5 different height settings, easily adjustable in 75mm increments – min. height to valance: 190cm, Max. height of valance: 220cm, Min. height to apex: 327cm, Max. height of apex: 357cm. The entire structure is held together thanks to screws and locking nuts that securely and firmly connect the individual parts of the structure. The central vertical strut, with a built-in internal spring, forms the centre of the structure and ensures ideal tension of the roof. Supplied with heavy duty cover bag or optional heavy duty wheeled storage bag. Also supplied with tie-down kit (pegs & guy ropes) or optional heavy duty camlock straps & stakes.



The canopy is manufactured from 550g polyester PVC coated textile fabric, which is 100% waterproof thanks to thermally taped seams, or 520g PVC fabric. The weight of the roof cladding is 6kg, with each square metre of roof sheathing weighing 550g. The material is reinforced, with double stitching at all corners and particular stress points. The external fabric is ribbed. There are anchor loops on 4 corners of the roof for attaching anchor ropes. We also have the capacity to print the gazebo’s roof using either digital sublimation or vinyl heat transfer. There are a generous amount of colours to choose from. The canopy is flame retardant to: BS 5438:1989, TEST 2B – BS 7837:1996. Colour fastness EN ISO 105 802-2002:5+.

To keep you and your customers dry in all weather conditions, discover our choice of gazebo guttering solutions.



The sides are constructed from 100% waterproof POLYESTER with an interior PVC covering and a 600D Denier fibre density. The weight of the complete side cladding is 18kg. High quality zips are used to zip each panel together vertically. Again, the material is reinforced with double stitching at all corners and particular stress points. 50mm wide velcro bands are used to affix top of sidewalls to the canopy and individually to each frame leg. Each set of sidewalls combines window panels with internal privacy blinds, double zipped doorways and solid panels. We also have the capacity to custom print the sidewalls using either digital sublimation or vinyl heat transfer. There is a large selection of colours to choose from. The sidewalls are flame retardant to BS 5438:1989 TEST 2B – BS 7838:1996. Colour fastness EN ISO 105 802-2002:5+.

Check out our gazebo sidewall and roof accessories to purchase spares and replacements.



We offer many different colour variants for the roof and sidewalls.

Roof: Black, Navy Blue, Orange, Racing Green, Red, Silver / Black, Sky Blue, White, White / Burgundy, White / Navy Blue, White / Purple, White / Racing Green, White / Red, White / Sky Blue

Sidewalls: No Sidewalls, Black, Navy Blue, Orange, Racing Green, Red, Silver / Black, Sky Blue, White, White / Burgundy, White / Navy Blue, White / Purple, White / Racing Green, White / Red, White / Sky Blue


We offer an additional printing service on the full PROTEX®50 GAZEBO range. Text, logos, specific colours, complex graphic patterns, and even high-resolution photos can be printed.

Depending on the complexity of the print, you can choose between:

  • a cheaper variant of thermal vinyl transfer (vinyl ironing)
  • or by professional digital sublimation printing (digital printing into the structure of the fabric)

Complete information on printing options and prices

We also offer a free and non-binding graphic design service. Just send us the logos and tell us as much information as possible about the requirements. We will arrange the res


The construction of our PROTEX®50 GAZEBO has been refined over many years of experience so that the construction itself is an easy and quick matter even for one person. Although pitching a gazebo is possible with one person, it is of course always easier with two people.

If the gazebo is not transported and manipulated lying down, it is possible to leave the roof permanently attached to the scissor frame, which will significantly speed up the construction process.



  • Hold the structure by the side scissor profiles on opposite sides (by two people)
  • Raise the structure approx. 5 cm – 10 cm from the ground and gradually unfold the gazebo by walking backwards
  • Lock the movable joints
  • The only thing that follows is the extension of the gazebo’s telescopic legs to the desired height

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