How To Heat An Outdoor Gazebo In Winter

Whether you’re running a charity stall at an event, making a play-space for your children, or simply creating a shelter in your garden, during the colder months, you need to keep your gazebo warm. 

You may have found yourself here searching ‘can you heat a gazebo in winter?’ – well we’re here to help – of course you can! Don’t let the bitter cold ruin your fun this year, in this article you can learn exactly how to heat up your gazebo in winter and the colder months. 


Can a gazebo be warm in winter?

In short, the answer is yes – heating a gazebo is easy! Gazebos are often seen as a seasonal thing for summer, frequently used to sit under to get out the sun, keep drinks stations under to keep them cool or even to host stages at festivals, but they can be used to keep cosy in winter too! There are so many ways to keep your gazebo warm, from heaters, to flooring, to adding additional side panels – the options are almost endless. 

The cold weather often puts a lot of organisers off hosting events or having market stalls in the winter months, but with the right tools and tips, you can make your outdoor event or even just your garden party a smashing success!


What gazebos are best for the winter months?

It goes without saying, that if it’s sub-zero temperatures, you don’t want to be stood out in the open, so a pop up gazebo with no side panels probably isn’t your best bet. You need to take into account all possible weather conditions and choose the most suitable gazebo for you. 

If your gazebo is being used for a high street event, catering stall or pretty much anything outdoors,  it needs to stand up against the wind, rain, maybe snow and keep the heat in, so a gazebo with anything less than 3 sides would be pretty futile. In our opinion, a heavy duty gazebo with at least 3 sides is the best kind of gazebo for the winter months. With its thick side panels, it insulates heat perfectly and stands strong in heavy winds. They are also fully waterproof, keeping your customers or friends and family safe and dry in the rain. You can check out our heavy duty gazebos here. 


How can I heat my gazebo?

If you’ve got an enclosed gazebo and that cold is just still too much to handle, or you’re just wondering how to keep the heat in your gazebo, there’s no need to worry, there’s still hope! Here’s some tips on how to heat an outdoor gazebo:


Gazebo heaters 

There’s a wide variety of gazebo heaters available, and the best for you really depends on your budget. In our opinion, the best value for money is the 3-Way HALOGEN Instant Shelter Heater

At £119.95, this infrared heater provides you with an extremely efficient source of instant, odour free heat, as 95% of input energy is converted into heat. It attaches to the centre pole of most pop up shelters, umbrellas or tents that have a diameter of up to 60mm. This makes for an easy and secure fitting, all that’s left to do is hook it up to the power. 

Other options include hanging patio heaters, however, these aren’t as efficient as the one mentioned above and can sometimes lead to safety implications. 

Gazebo Heater image


When looking at how to heat up your gazebo, flooring is a great, easy and cheap option. Adding an extra layer of protection between you and the freezing floor, flooring provides a great way to further insulate your gazebo. This method is particularly useful for event organisers, such as someone running a festival or those with a large marquee, as you can cover a large amount of space for less money, with less reliance on heaters and energy sources.

Gazebo flooring comes in different forms, but we love the PROTEX recycled floor tiles, as they are easy to fit, piecing together like lego, and they are also great for the environment as they are made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic. They help to insulate the gazebo, prevent water leakages and help to keep it mud free! 

PROTEX plastic floor tiles for gazebo image PROTEX plastic floor tiles for gazebo image

Make it cosy!

This one’s more for people using a gazebo at home, maybe for a play area or outdoor cinema, either way this options great for you! Make it homely –  grab your cosiest duvets, cushions and blankets from inside and get them in your gazebo! 


Can I use fire as a heat source in a gazebo?

A question we often get asked is about the safety of heaters in gazebos, so what’s safe, and what’s not?

If your gazebo is enclosed, then we would strongly advise against it. The fumes a log burner or gas burner give off can be deadly, and without the right ventilation it can lead to severe breathing problems. There’s also the risk of an open flame being near the canvas of the gazebo, so considering other options is definitely a better idea. 


Can I use an electric patio heater in a gazebo?

Compared to an open flame, using an electric heat source such as a patio heater is definitely a better option. They don’t give off any toxic fumes, they are odour free and alot better for the environment, but there are still a few precautions you must take. 

  1. Make sure all wires and the heater itself are sheltered from rain.
  2. Keep away from the canvas of the gazebo –  electric heaters still get very hot and could ignite flammable materials. 
  3. Keep the element out of children’s reach


Make your gazebo warmer with Sun Leisure! 

So don’t let those winter months ruin your fun! Now that you know how to heat a gazebo in winter months,  there’s no excuse to stay locked up indoors, or stop running your events out of season. Don’t waste your time, shop here to get all the goods you need to prepare your gazebo or the winter months.

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