Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are a very versatile stretch-styled marquee that can be rigged and arranged in a wide variety of shapes and configurations. Ideal for a multitude of events, our stretch teepees can be used for festivals, sporting events, trade shows, catering and generally anywhere you need to provide shelter from the rain or shade from the sun.

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Stretch Marquee

Stretch tent marquees are the perfect alternative to traditional event gazebos and wedding marquees. With large open sides, it’s easy for people to enter and exit the tent, and the high ceiling ensures an airy environment with plenty of space for attendees and customers.

Featuring our industry-leading waterproof technology, we can ensure that our stretch tents keep everyone inside warm and dry even when the rain is beating down. A hard-wearing and highly reliable choice, our stretch tents and marquees are built to last using only the strongest and most durable materials and for added peace of mind, the fabric on our stretch tents have been treated with fire retardant properties, UV stabilisers and antibacterial treatment.

Available in various sizes and dimensions, our stretch tents can be rigged in a variety of different configurations to suit your requirements or available space. Check the different models below. For an alternative shelter, take a look at our wide range of pop up gazebos.


What is a stretch tent?

Stretch tents are a modern alternative to traditional marquees. They use a large piece of waterproof material that is tightly stretched over an area, with supporting poles that can be arranged to create the desired shape and size. Because of this, stretch tents are versatile, 200% waterer proof, fire retardant and very desirable.

Stretch tents can be used in a variety of different circumstances, in private gardens to create the perfect patio, restaurants and bars to transform outdoor dining areas or pretty much any show or event you can think of!

What material is used for stretch tents?

Stretch tents can be made from a selection of different fabrics, but at Sun Leisure, our stretch tents use an incredibly strong nylon filament fabric with a 100% waterproof polymeric PU coating applied to both sides.

Are stretch tents waterproof?

Yes! Stretch tents are a fantastic way to provide reliable, comfortable shelter no matter the weather. Thanks to a waterproof roof, no rain can get inside the tent ensuring that everyone underneath stays warm and dry.

Sun Leisure stretch tents are manufactured using an incredibly strong nylon filament fabric with a 100% waterproof polymeric PU coating applied to both sides, keeping you sheltered from all weather conditions. All of our premium quality stretch tents for events fit the following criteria:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Strong nylon filament fabric
  • Fire retardant
  • Various sizes available
  • Sturdy metal poles
  • UV protection
  • Can be rigged in multiple shapes
  • Perfect for outdoor events, music festivals and more
  • Protects from the rain and offers shade from the sun
Model Width (m) Length (m) Height (m)
Mini 4.5 6.0 3.5
Basic 6.0 8.0 3.7
Midi 8.0 10.0 4.0
Medium 9.0 12.0 4.0
Maxi 10.0 15.0 4.0
Grand 15.0 20.0 5.0