Why Should You Choose A Pop-Up Gazebo?

Choosing the right gazebo can be a tricky decision! You have to ask yourself: what purpose will this gazebo serve? For example, are you looking for a permanent structure to stand proud in all weather conditions in your garden or are you looking for a short term solution for a celebration or an event?

 In this article, we will help you determine whether a regular gazebo or a pop-up gazebo is right for you and which one you should go for based on your budget, frequency of use, size and the purpose the gazebo will serve… so let’s get into it!


What is a pop-up gazebo? 

Let’s start with the basics. What is a pop-up gazebo? The concept is similar to pop up tents in the sense that you can pop the gazebo open in a few easy steps and you have an outdoor shelter! Pop up gazebos usually come with a frame that is ready assembled and is designed for quick and fuss-free construction that can be done in a matter of minutes. If you have chosen a gazebo with side panels, these are easily attached with Velcro or zippers and can be removed as needed.

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The difference between a regular gazebo and a pop-up gazebo

Not all gazebos are created the same, there are different types of gazebos out there. Pop up gazebos differ from the traditional gazebo design in the sense that they are much quicker and easier to put up and take down. In contrast, traditional gazebos are usually designed to stand the test of time as a semi-permanent structure, making them less suited to those who are looking for an outdoor shelter solution that they do not have to commit to long-term such as the pop-up gazebo.


How do pop-up Gazebos work? 

Assembling a pop-up gazebo is simple! It usually comes in a handy carry bag and includes a lightweight metal frame that extends out with ease and takes a few minutes to put together to provide a square roof with four legs. A sturdy fabric cover then attaches over the top of the gazebo and the legs are secured on the ground with pegs so it stays firmly in place. One person can easily put a pop-up gazebo up but it’s even faster if you have help.

Are pop-up gazebos effective? 

A pop-up gazebo is a fantastic choice if you are looking for flexibility. Whether you have a party coming up, want an outdoor shelter in your garden for the summer months or have a work event coming – the pop-up gazebo is for you! A pop-up gazebo with side panels can also help protect you from the elements, which is particularly important if you’re planning on using it for an event with food or any items that could get ruined by the temperamental British weather. Luckily, gazebos can be made fully windproof and also waterproof. 

Using a pop-up gazebo with removable sides is a brilliant choice when you need to create a more personable and intimate environment where people can have conversations and network without outside distractions.


Choosing between a pop-up gazebo & a traditional gazebo

It’s important to make the right choice for your particular needs when picking a gazebo… so consider the following before purchasing::


What purpose will your gazebo serve? Will you be driving it and erecting it at work events? Is it for a market stall or trade show? If so, a lightweight pop-up  gazebo would be perfect for transporting and erecting at events quickly.  

Perhaps you want to use your gazebo as a place to store some items in your garden? If so a heavy-duty gazebo could be a better choice for a more semi permanent solution that can withstand the British weather. When you have a clear idea of what exactly you’ll want to use your gazebo for, it will be much easier to pick one that’s right for you.


Consider what size gazebo you will need. If you’re going to place it in a specific location for an extended period of time, be sure to measure the length and width of the space first so your gazebo fits perfectly and looks the way you want it to. Having a solid understanding of the exact amount of room you need will help ensure your gazebo is perfect for you! 

For those who need the maximum amount of space possible within your gazebo set-up, you can also combine gazebos using our frame-to-frame connector clamps and create an even bigger shelter for yourselves, your customers, and your equipment located within it.


If a more permanent garden structure for extended use is what you’re after, you may want to consider a strong, traditional heavy-duty gazebo that is perfect for garden use. However, if you don’t see yourself using a gazebo often, or would like a more portable option to take with you to events or shows, a lightweight or compact pop up gazebo may be a better choice for you.


We believe there’s a gazebo for everyone! Make sure you know what reasonable amount of money you want to allocate towards your gazebo before deciding so you don’t end up overspending. At Sun Leisure, we pride ourselves on amazing prices and amazing customer service to match… so contact us today for a recommendation on the perfect gazebo for your budget.


Our top 3 pop-up gazebo recommendations

If you’ve decided that the versatile pop-up gazebo is the right choice for you, check out our top 3 pop up gazebo recommendations below:

  • PROTEX®30 Instant Shelter – This is an instant shelter you can rely on that comes in a range of sizes. It offers reliability and strength due to its heavy-duty steel construction that takes just minutes to erect. Often used for events, festivals and shows of all kinds… this is one of the best entry-level commercial instant shelters out there.
  • PROTEX®40 Instant Shelter – This versatile instant shelter is perfect for recreational activities and comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs. It’s the result of years of development, designed as a fully commercial unit that is intended for extended professional use. They are incredibly strong, lightweight and feature fully flame retardant fabrics for ultimate safety and peace of mind.
  • PROTEX®50 Instant Shelter – for those looking for ultimate strength and reliability, we introduce the market-leading, original instant shelter. It’s manufactured entirely from aluminium/metal and has no plastic parts, making it the top choice for commercial events, exhibitions, motorsports events and so much more. Not only does it come in various sizes and is fully customizable, it is also the best value professional instant shelter on the market that stands the test of time.


Custom printing & branding 

Whether its for work events to make sure your team and products stand out or a milestone celebration in your personal life; personalised printing and branding is an excellent choice! At Sun Leisure we offer custom printing and branding on our pop-up gazebos, flags and banners, inflatables structures, and more. Our in-house graphic design team will work within your budget to ensure you get the highest quality printing and branding on your outdoor structure.


Which pop-up gazebo will you go for?

From where to buy a pop up gazebo to why you should pick one, we hope this article has helped you pick the perfect gazebo for you! Whichever type of gazebo you end up going for, our extensive, customizable range has the one you need in the right size, style and colour! Check out the full range of pop-up gazebos with sides on our website.

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