Sun Leisure YMX Inflatable tent

Sun Leisure YMX Inflatable tent

Perfect for both leisure activities and promotional use, the Sun Leisure YMX Inflatable tent is a four-sided portable structure with a square floor plan. Due to its pneumatic design and pressure relief valves, the YMX tents are able to stay upright and in place all day long with minimal damage. The YMX tent can also be fully branded in house by Sun Leisure to be fully in line with your business’ vision.

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Most often used for advertising and promotional opportunities, the Sun Leisure YMX tent is a four-sided inflatable structure designed to meet high quality standards. Ready for immediate use on arrival, these tents are easily inflated and will remain stable throughout the event thanks to its pneumatic structure.

There are also a range of different colour options available for you to choose from in order to align your YMX tent with your business’ branding. These include:

  • Black
  • Blue (PANTONE 300C)
  • Green (PANTONE 376C)
  • Gray (PANTONE Cool Gray 6U)
  • Orange (PANTONE 811C)
  • Red (PANTONE 185C)
  • White
  • Yellow (PANTONE 109C)

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When you choose Sun Leisure’s in-house design and full dye sublimation printing services, your YMX Inflatable Tent will also have the option to be fully branded. This provides you with a high-quality piece of promotional material that draws attention at any event. This structure will also be with you in just 2-3 weeks from the initial order time.

The YMX tent is made up of an airtight pneumatic construction, roof cover and side panels. The outer cover is made up of a polyester layer with a 500D fibre density, and the inner structure is constructed using Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

  • Inflation time of the YMX tent when using a hand pump: approx. 15-30 min. 
  • Inflating time of the YMX tent with an electric pump: approx. 4 – 8 min.

The Sun Leisure YMX Inflatable tent comes with the following items:

  • Pneumatic airtight inflatable construction/frame.
  • Roof cover.
  • Transport bag.
  • Electric 220V pump.
  • Anchoring set for soft surfaces (industrial pegs and straps).
  • Anchoring set for hard surfaces (sandbags).
4mx4m 5mx5m 6mx6m
Tent height (cm) 275 cm 330 cm 395 cm
Entry height (cm) 190 cm  225cm 270cm
Weight (kg) 20 32 44
Tent size packed in transport bag (cm) 80x50x50 85x60x60 90x65x65
Diameter of leg/construction (cm) 15 20 25
Material of construction THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with external POLYESTER layer of fabric
Roof and side wall material POLYESTER with 500D Denier fiber density